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Shipping Agency Services


 We provide a full range of agency services at any port/strait in Turkey ensuring the highest standards of attendance and full compliance with the industry's best practices.

  We are committed to meeting the requirements of ship owners, charterers, operators and managers and has the skills, resources and infrastructure to offer high-level assistance and services for a diversified range of ships including tankers, bulk carriers, containers, reefers and ro-ro carriers, general cargo and heavy lift ships, cruise ships, mega-yachts and military ships and offering all port call services including cargo and passenger handling, ship to ship operations, project work & liner services.

 Besides port operations, We may support our clientele by offering general husbandry services or protecting agency services, including repairs and dry docking, coordinating ship sale and purchase transactions, arranging ship inspections and technical support, claims handling, coordinating crew changes, supplies & deliveries.

 We proudly provide;



  • Shipping Agency Services for Loading and Discharging at Ports of Turkey

  • Shipping Agency Services at Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits

  • Agency Services for Project Cargo Transportation

  • Protecting Agency Services on behalf of Ship-owners, Charterers and Vessel Operators

  • Load & Discharge Supervision Services at Turkish Ports

  • Supply of Bunker, Lubricating Oil, Water,  Provisions & Stores

  • Waste reception services

  • Transfer & Delivery of Transit Spare Parts, Accessories & Materials

  • Crew Change Operations

  • Certificate renewal procedures

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